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Jan. 1st, 2012

You know the things you do just because you can?  Just because you want to see if you can?
I cut all my hair off after college--it got down to as little as about an inch all over (I never really wanted to shave my head).  When the changeover to digital television happened, I didn't follow because I was tired of watching bad TV just because it was there..  Nothing big, of course, but a personal dare, you know?
Well, I've decided to give up meat for the year.  Don't call it a resolution, please.  

I did some research and I thought about this for nearly two months and I've narrowed my rules down to two basics:
1.  If something has to die for me to eat it, I can't.
2.  Thanksgiving doesn't count.  I don't care if it's cheating.

What this is not:  A moral stand; a diet; permanent.
What this should be:  An expansion of my recipe collection; a personal test.

For the record, I'm pretty sure the money falls on my not lasting past the second week of the month.  Well, except purple_spark who claims she has complete faith in my ability to rewrite the dictionary to classify steak as a vegetable.  She's also on a much more impressive life-quest to go fifty years without eating brussels sprouts, apparently.  I have no doubt of her ability in this regard.

I've spent the last week eating my favorite meals--a bacon cheeseburger at Red Robin on Tuesday, Hawaiian pizza and homemade chicken salad on Friday, and California rolls on Saturday.  Actually, I was eating leftover chicken salad at 11:30 last night.  That's a normal reaction to embarking on a vegetarian diet, right?

But then for lunch today I had a white cheddar and pear with rosemary panini and it was amazing.  Thanks for the amazing apple butter, purple_spark!

Weigh ins, anyone?


There's a proper post coming soon, but is anybody around here vegetarian/vegan?  
Is it unfair to say I like Sanctuary if I only watch the episodes with Jonathan Young? 

Perhaps I should say simply that I like Nicola Tesla and he occasional shows up in a specific SyFy series.  I also, incidentally, liked him in The Prestige, but it's an inaccurate comparison as I adore that movie/book/David Bowie in general.  Also of note:  Peter Wingfield as James Watson, yes.


Happy holidays to everyone who rocks that kind of thing!

In other news, I saw Sherlock Holmes.  Allow me to reiterate how perfect Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law are for these parts and add that Stephen Fry is awesome (and his hair is amazing).  I will not comment on the rest of the movie.  Instead, I will wait my seven days for Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to rock my world.
Last night I fell asleep watching Bones and dreamed of dissecting giant beetles.  And then they crawled into my hair with little pieces of their insides trailing behind.

It was terrible.
Here's the thing, guys:  if purple_spark tells me I've abandoned LJ, it must be true.

Sorry about that--readjusting to the late night work schedule while dealing with holidays is a little exhausting.

Has anything happened in the last two weeks?  Also, I finally got my holiday cards sent off today.  I have some left, so PM me if you want one.

This is harder than it should be

I'm literally posting this from the post office. Hahahahaha...appropriate or a heart-breaking commentary on communication in today's society?

Neither, really...I just can't get home because half the town is blocked off for the Christmas parade that I completely forgot about. On the other hand, it's very Gibbs (hi, Bethy!).

Point the first: jaded_jamie is the absolute best. He got me a bday YT dalek (no, autocorrect, not Salem; how have I taught you Moffat and Gatiss, but not dalek?), and it just made my day.

Point the second: first card of the season! It's from osprey_archer and my first thought was, "I guess zombies aren't in this year" because it's a pile o' Christmas kitties. Inside: Their cuteness would allow them to hold the world in WILLING BONDAGE. It's like 1984 BUT WITH LOLSPEAK. And that is how Jin won Christmas 2011.

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My socks match!  

And, look, LJ is under attack again.

Frankly, that happens more often than the aforementioned matching socks.
As jaded_jamie was so quick to point out to me this morning, we've been friends for three whole years now.  Seriously, though, that's awesome.  I don't remember how I found it, but we met through a friending meme and I though, "hey, he's cool."

Yeah, cool's not even the word for it.  

My flist is at least 50% less fun when he's not around and has about 75% less excitement.  If you're not friends with Jamie already, hie ye hence.  He's one of my favorite people overall and definitely one of my fave LJ peeps.

Writer's Block: Background players

What is your computer wallpaper right now?

[ middletone.tumblr.com ]

Seriously, though, isn't this the cutest thing ever?  It makes me happy every time I see it.


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